Sister’s and Cooking.

18 Oct

Last month was my sister’s birthday. As a personal tradition between sisters, I have always been the one who cooks for her birthday ever since because no one else would do it. She wouldn’t, but she’s got a lot of visitors coming in. Since, I wanted to do something for her ALWAYS, and the excuse to cook something is hard to refuse. I do it. EVERY YEAR. Not that I am complaining.
This year is no different. It has been five years since we had a get together. She arrived in the US 5 years ago, and this year my son and I arrived. I’m back to my familiar ground. KITCHEN.

This years menu was the

Ranch Marinade Chicken Skewers,


Baked Spaghetti,


Asparagus Salad

and the Parmesan Crusted Shrimp.

It’s not a lot, considering that I was only cooking for 4 and a half people. If we have a cat, the cat would finish off the plates. That good.

I am kind of thinking if I received a thank you for it though. Oh well, she might have said something but I can’t remember it now. The clean plate in the kitchen sink was thank you enough.
If you like what you saw, you can view the recipes HERE or click on the links below the pictures.

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