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Beef Stew

I find it hard to post on a daily basis these past few days. Getting busier by the minute with all these adjustments and applications and whatnots. Even my cooking adventure is affected. Since I couldn’t cook as often as I want to, I just made myself a crock-pot beef stew. At least I can leave it cooking and come back for it when it is ready. Want to have some?

To view recipe, please click HERE. Visit Craving Haven for more of my cooking adventures.

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Boiled Beef and Veggies

The perfect comfort food for the weary soul.

This is called Boiled Beef or Nilagang Baka in Filipino, it is a complete meal in itself, or you can add rice with it. For the recipe view Boiled Beef with Veggies or you can visit my blog at Craving Haven.
For more recipes, please visit Craving Haven

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